The Pigs Drink From Infinity : Poems 1995 - 2001

Mark Spitzer is the pseudonym of a writerly fury unleashed on earth by the Great God Perspiration.
     -Andrei Codrescu, author of Wakefield

Death is something that happens to someone else, quipped Duchamp. But, conditioned as we are by television news, it's more likely that for us, life is something that happens to someone else. That is, until Spitzer arrives with his new book of poems to reveal to us our own true mythologies, the mythologies we miss: The return of a problematic friend, the sex life of a tattooed woman, pulling into a gas station for a burger, in other words, what we omit, what falls through the cracks: Our neglected stories, the places where life really lives.
     -Julian Semilian, author of Osiris With a Trombone Across The Seam of Insubstance

“No more poetry!” cops order wild poet revellers in a Paris cafe at the begining of The Pigs Drink From Infinity. mark Spitzer courageously responds with poem after poem of “perpetual insouciance.” Three highpoints for me were “Message Concerning the State of Poetry,” a hilarious fantasy in which poetry is forced into a straitjacket of bully poetics; “a mon amie de la Quiche fantastique,” a rhapsodic erotic ode to his girlfriend’s “quiche,” and “Junkyard” a major poem capturing junkyards from Colorado to Washington. Behind the swashbuckling desperado aura of Spitzer’s bemused muse, is an incisive awareness of and pity for the human world gone insane.
     -Antler, author of Factory & Other Poems




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