Order Divine Filth: Lost Writings of George Bataille

Divine Filth: Lost Writings of George Bataille

Divine Filth is a collection of long-overlooked erotic prose and scatological fragments rivaled only by George Bataille's most well-known work, "Story Of The Eye", for pure "pornographic" content that transcends the limits of literature and the self. These are the shattered, mystic visions of a seminal Surrealist with a deep thirst for the negation of consciousness through ecstacy, humiliation, depravity and pain.

The prose section comprises two intensely erogenous evocations of the postmodern psyche. "Filthy" describes a descent into the scum-saturated underworld of London's nightlife, where sexual power opens old wounds; while "Divinity" involves a masturbatory mademoiselle, whip-bearing servants, drinking to oblivion, and a masked madam married to the Lord of Excess.

The fragments come straight from Bataille's private notebooks. The form is experimental and the messages are visionary. Never before has such a profanity risen to the level of the sacred and sublime, secreting imagistic sewer whores, absurdist bile, vertigo, nudity, and anguish. The texts in Divine Filth are here translated for the first time into English by Mark Spitzer, with an uncanny eye for perverse detail, offering an unprecedented glimpse into Bataille's innermost mindscapes.



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