The Church
A Comedy in Five Acts
Translated from the French by Mark Spitzer and Simon Green

The Church, one of CÚline's few dramatic works, was first published in 1933, just one year after his masterpiece Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the End of Night). This play is a highly satirical work that mocks almost all races and religions, typical, in part, of CÚline's diatribes. Yet here also is a work of high wit, sharing CÚline's great comedic-tragic vision of humankind. One of the most noted writers of the 20th century, CÚline is also the author of Death on the Installment Plan, North, Rigadoon, Castle to Castle, and Ballets without Music, without Dancers, without Anything, published by Green Integer in 1999. He died in 1961.




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