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a novel by Mark Spitzer

"It's something that Kierkegaard at his most suicidal moment would feel at home with." - Andrei Codrescu.

"Mark Spitzer's Chum is a side-splittingly funny, ultra-raunchy ride through the Alaska nobody wants to believe exists. Read it and weep, this Moby Dick of the millenium." - Jo-Ann Mapson.

"If Ingmar Bergman were still making movies, he would be the perfect director for a film based on Mark Spitzer's Chum. This book reminds me of the film Shadows of Forgeotten Ancestors, Johan Bojer's The Last of the Vikings, and any Tom Robbins novel. The Rasputin-like Mother Kralik would scare the pants off of Kafka." - Barry Gifford.




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